How it works

Our strategy is to form a joint venture company which acquires foreclosed property in the United States.

Struan Capital acquires distressed property in the United States which present favourable socioeconomic circumstances.  Typically, the properties are single and multifamily unit dwellings and homes throughout the United States. However the model is applicable to larger scale multi-family properties. Properties will be acquired on the open market or through foreclosure sales. The properties are then rehabilitated to a very high standard.

Once the rehabilitation has taken place, the Company intends to where possible lease the property to a family or individual under the Housing Choice Voucher Program (“HCVP”) of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”).

Instances where the properties are not suitable for rent under the HCVP, the company will either flip said property or rent to the open market.

The Company will look to manage each property to maximize the return on its investment.  This could see the Company sell a rehabbed and occupied property to an investor or hold on to the property and benefit from the rental income.

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